Who is eligible to compete?

Creators or entrepreneurs, citizens of one of the 26 countries that have borrowed from the IDB, who have developed an original, technologically-based project with the potential to generate an impact on commerce and integration. This project should be associated with one or more of the categories encompassed by the Orange Economy.

The originality of the projects will be rated based on the candidate´s creation of a new product, service, process, customer experience or business model that represents an original idea, or the application of existing technologies in a new area or context.

Candidates will participate individually in the competition. In the event that a project has been developed by multiple people or companies, a project leader must be chosen to represent the project within the competition.

Participants must have the nationality of one of the following countries: Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belice, Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guyana, Haití, Honduras, Jamaica, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Surinam, Trinidad y Tobago, Uruguay y Venezuela.


At INTALENT, we want to recognize innovative and technologically based talent within the Orange Economy throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The categories to which the participants´ projects must relate are:

Architecture: Urbanism, Landscaping, Interior Design.

The Arts: Performance arts (live music, theatre, dance, opera, circus) and visual arts (painting, sculpting, photography and antiques).

Audiovisual communication: Films, television, radio, 3D.

Design: Graphic design, editorial design, interactive design, industrial design, jewelry design and toy making.

Cultural heritage: Cultural spaces (archeological sites, museums, libraries, expositions), traditional cultural expressions, tourism and gastronomy.

Media: Publishing houses, books, press sources and other publications, communication, advertising, marketing and branding.

Software: Computer programs, videogames, creative and digitalized content, websites, mobile applications.

Education: Artistic, cultural and technical education specialized in creative activities.

Research: Development and creative and cultural innovation (I+D+I Orange). Phases of the Competition.

Contest phases

1. Registration

All candidates who wish to participate in the competition must register online and complete all fields marked as mandatory. All the data and documents must be in English or Spanish.

2. Documents submittal

Once registered for the competition, the candidate will have a user profile for the INTALENT platform where he/she must answer questions regarding their project, attach a C.V. or résumé and provide the contact details for two references. The candidate´s C.V. must list their most important academic and professional accomplishments. This document must be uploaded to the competition´s platform in English or Spanish in PDF format. This document should not exceed two pages in length. The candidate may provide a maximum of 2 references to support their candidature.

These references add value to each applicant´s candidature. We recommend that the authors of these letters of recommendation be advisors, supervisors, investors or colleagues from any institution for which the applicant has worked, with whom they have collaborated, where they have studied and, above all, people familiar with the project, the applicant´s accomplishments and who can explain why this project should be selected to win INTALENT. These letters may not come from participants´ family members nor from the cofounders of their companies and/or projects.

Each candidate will have a period of 7 days from the date of registration to complete and provide the supporting documentation.

It is the responsability of each candidate to ensure that the complete set of documentation is submitted. However, in the event that any additional information becomes necessary, the organization will contact the relevant candidate. The candidate can also contact the organization to troubleshoot or ask questions through the following email address: candidatos.intalent@opinno.com

3. Evaluations

Once the registration period is complete, the organization will proceed to assign all projects to a member of the competition´s international jury panel. Each candidate will be evaluated by a minimum of two judges.

The evaluations performed by the jury panel will be reviewed by the organization, who, according to the numeric classifications and comments provided by the judges, will elaborate a list of winners.

Evaluation criteria:

The jury panel will review the following while evaluating each candidate:

- The originality of the project.

- The candidate´s experience as an actor within their creative industry and the challenges that they have overcome.

- The innovation, development and impact that the project implies for the commerce and integration of region.

- The candidate´s ability to effectively communicate the relevance of their ideas and accomplishments.

- The potential to stand out within the creative industry to which the project corresponds.

- The potential of each project to contribute to commerce and the integration of the region.

- The clarity, reliability and relevance of the references provided.

- The potential for the technology employed within the project to generate wealth through intellectual property, such as the procurement of patents or utility models or other alternatives. The candidate is responsible for providing all such supporting data and/or guarantees.

Special Category: Photography on Climate Change

Who will be eligible to participate?

Citizens of one of the 26 member countries of the IABD who has taken a photograph that reflects climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean are eligible to participate.

Participants must hold nationality in one of the following countries: Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guayana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay or Venezuela.

Competition Stages

1.- Registration

Any candidates interested in participating in the competition must access the inscription form for the Special Category of Photography and fill in all of the mandatory fields. All of the data and documentation must be presented in either English or Spanish.

2.- Document Submission

As part of the registration process, candidates will have created a profile for the INTALENT platform.

Candidates will have seven days to upload their photo to the competition´s platform.

It is the sole responsibility of the candidates to guarantee that their documentation is complete. Notwithstanding, the organization can contact candidates for the purpose of collecting additional information relating to their candidacy whenever necessary.

Candidates may algo contact the organization to resolve doubts and questions through the following email address: candidatos.intalent@opinno.com

3. Evaluations

Once the nomination period has concluded, the organization will proceed to assign candidates to the judges which form the international jury panel for the competition. Each candidate will be evaluated by a minimum of two judges.

The evaluations performed by the jury panel will be reviewed by the organization who, in accordance with the numerical scores and comments received by each candidate, will issue the list of winners.

Evaluation Criteria:


- Concept: The story that the image tells and its relevance to the proposed topic.

- Emotion: The reaction that the image provokes in the viewer.


- Composition: The elements, their harmony and their relation to each other.

- Framing: The proper relationship and positioning of the central elements of the image.


Only digital photographs will be accepted, and all photographs should be submitted in color or in black and white, high resolution (>= 300 dpi), JPG format, and should weigh between 1MB and 10MB (maximum).

Reproduction rights and disclaimer

INTAL reserves the right to publish, for an indeterminate period of time, selected photographs on the IADB´s official website, as well as in other printed publications and any other media channel which INTAL may choose.

The finalists and winners expressly authorize the reproduction and publication of the content of their photographs for their exhibit, promotion and publicity for the events associated with the competition, especially in media sources.

INTAL commits to including a credit for all photographs which will include the full name of the photographer.